How to Write Scientific Journals of the Highest Standards

  • Mehrdad Jalalian Hosseini Mehr Publishing Group
Keywords: Scientific writing, journal paper, original articles, case report, ethics


One of the requirements of a Ph.D. or Master is to write traditional and systematic reviews, critiques, letters to editors (LTE), case reports or case studies, at least one original article, and sometimes a meta-analysis, all with proficiency and inspiration. This presentation focuses on the ideas from research to publication, i.e., how to depict a distinct image in our mind in order to convert our research into various types of academic papers. Also, this presentation provides a general approach and some key points for writing and successfully publishing journal papers. The presentation will also cover some publication ethics guidelines, ethics of reporting questionnaire-based research, authorship criteria, plagiarism detection and how to avoid plagiarism, duplicate publication, and salami publication.


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Author Biography

Mehrdad Jalalian Hosseini, Mehr Publishing Group

Dr. Mehrdad Jalalian is editor-in-chief of Electronic Physician Journal. He is also a researcher on publication ethics, scientific writing, and scholarly publishing.

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M. Jalalian Hosseini, “How to Write Scientific Journals of the Highest Standards”, Medical Technologies Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 6-6, Mar. 2017.
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